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This section of our website was the idea of our MD, who wanted to provide current and prospective industrial design students with a source of information for the UK. This comprehensive resource contains many of the links we know of relevant to industrial design in the UK, to make this information more readily available to students than it was to our MD during his studies. If you know of a good link that isn't on here, please e-mail it to .

Useful and comprehensive directories relating to industrial design. Links to schools, organisations and companies. Many also have discussion forums and portfolio sections Information resources on Industrial Design schools in the UK. Where to look, what to look for, and how to apply
There are numerous design organisations and societies in the UK, providing help and assistance to students. Many also run design competitions specifically for students One of the best ways to keep up-to date with the latest trends, new products and important people in ID
Some of the many ID books available, many by British authors. Design history books are listed as well as guides on design and rendering techniques The materials involved in the industrial design process can be varied and difficult to obtain. Some suppliers are listed here, many of whom you can order from online
Getting a job in industrial design is difficult enough. These are a few useful links to get you started. Good luck! It isn't all doom and gloom y'know. Here are a few links that have nothing to do with design whatsoever to save you from getting bored. Well they keep us entertained anyway...


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