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Something a bit different...

Snapbubbles.com - unlimited, unending, infinite bubblewrap. Try and keep an eye on the clock, eh?
Moonestates.com - get on the first rung of the property ladder with your very own acre of the moon!
Guinness World Records - all the records, plus how to break one yourself
Whichisworse.com - vote on which is the worse of two evils in various situations
Bored.com - for when you have nothing better to do…
Uglyfootballers.com - proof that for every David Ginola, there's at least 7 or 8 Robbie Keanes
Tvgohome.com - a Radio Times for the rest of us
Mulletsgalore.com - yes, there really are this many people in the world today sporting a mullet. This horror must end
Unnovations - everything you never knew you didn't want
SETI - the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Look for it yourself from the comfort of your own home by downloading the screensaver
Viz - great comic, something here to make almost anyone laugh

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