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Be sure to take a look at some samples of our workDifferent Angle Design specialises in providing creative consultancy to a diverse range of sectors. A large part of our work is with those who have a new product idea and need help with bringing it to market. This includes individual inventors to companies with a new patent that they require help with to exploit commercially. We are able to tailor our solutions to the needs of each client, offering services relevant to an individual or a large company. We are also offering regular free "what next?" sessions for those looking for help with a new product idea. More details of these can be found in our events and seminars area.

An exapnding area for us is commercial interior design. We are able to offer innovative solutions in the area of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, taken from a very different point of view. We also have an extensive database of suppliers for realisation of the project, covering all aspects of materials and fitting.

We are also able to offer design services for the transport sector, primarily for specialist companies such as kit car manufacturers, aftermarket styling companies, and component producers - people who typically couldn't normally afford an innovative, professional design outsource.

Most importantly, a number of our services come in the form of fixed price packages. Where ever possible, we try to avoid saying "it depends" when it comes to cost. You can work with us safe in the knowledge of how much you will pay and what you will have at the end of the project. You can find out more about our packages and pricing by clicking here.

Services we offer:

- Free initial consultation with no obligation
- Visualisation
- Concept generation
- Brainstorming
- Prototyping
- 3D walkthroughs, including VR
- Assistance with funding
- Clay modelling
- Training
- Product photography
- For our regular clients, a free six-monthly review of your company's design approach and our service to you, helping you to continually improve your product strategy.


The very first thing we do when starting a new project is sign a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. This is to provide you with peace of mind that your privileged information is safe in our hands, and will allow you to work with us freely and openly. We can then have an initial consultation to identify how best we can help you, and see how best to move forward. Once that is decided, we will perform a credit check. Please don't be offended by this, it is just for our peace of mind to ensure we will be paid for the work we do, and to see if we can allow you to spread payment. A contract is then drafted and signed, and we undertake the work agreed.

We work very much in a project management role most of the time, meaning that we source and manage other aspects of your project as well as provide our core design services. This means we can provide a single point of contact for a large part of the process, and can take away much of the stress and extra work involved in working with several companies.


One of the key benefits of working with Different Angle is our large network of associate companies who we can work with to provide a complete solution. These companies include prototypers, IP lawyers, shop and bar fitters, trainers, marketing consultants and a host of others, meaning we can provide answers to any requirement you may have. It also means we can offer a service comparabe to many larger companies, at a competitive rate.

A great example of the diverse range of companies in our network is Retail Performance Improvement. Retail Performance Improvement is a marketing company based in Manchester, run by Graham Hoyle. They specialise in approaching retailers with new products and convincing these retailers to stock them in their stores. And because of our relationship with them, we can provide our own input. So our associate companies can cover more than just what you might first think of. If there's something unusual you need help with, just ask!

All of these factors combine to create a dynamic, motivated company with a real wish to get the job right. Just as the purpose of good design is to add value to the product, the purpose of a good design agency is to satisfy the client. To do so, we give you new ideas that set you apart from your competitors and make you stand out in your market.

Our partners
Our "what next?" sessions are held with the assistance of Pannone and Partners Solicitors and various business advisors and specialists in sourcing investment and funding.
Fixed Price Packages
We offer a number of packages, that can be added to and tailored as you need. These cover everything from basic visualisation, to design and styling, to full research projects. Click here for details and pricing.
Want to know more?
Anything else you need to know? Please take a look at our frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us.


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